Our Team

Kentaro Kanyomozi 
Deputy Ombudsman
Mushegh Manukyan 
Mediation Specialist
Nelima Okhoya 
Ombudsman Specialist
Maria Migoya-Fernandez 
Mediation and Conflict Resolution Officer
Fernando Navarro Sanchez 
Capacity Building and Conflict Resolution Consultant
James Lee 
Senior Conflict Resolution Expert
Linda Schieber 
Consultant Ombudsman
Kevin Brown 
Consultant- Ombudsman
Tamar Gur 
Conflict Resolution Consultant & Programme Coordinator
Lucille Boettger 
Conflict Coach Consultant
Michael Rosenblum 
Administrative Assistant (New York, USA)
Chanrit Uawongkun 
Administrative Assistant (Bangkok, Thailand)
Aysegul Frame 
Administrative Assistant (Istanbul, Turkey)
Camilo Azcarate 
International Conflict Resolution Consultant
Martin Karaffa 
Intercultural Communications Training Consultant
James Claxton 
Mediation Training Expert