In addition to our periodic webinar series   click here:  Summer-Webinars-2020-Calendar, the Office of the Ombudsman is delighted to introduce its training curriculum which includes some new additions aiming to help all staff to hone their conflict-management skills.

Our trainings focus extensively on various aspects of communication and are designed to suit the needs of all, in different time frames.

The most popular of our courses is a half-day workshop on ‘Challenging Conversations at Work (and Beyond)’. People often tend to refrain from engaging in difficult conversations, which results in the problems simply growing bigger. This workshop focuses on practical approaches to key aspects of communication and fundamental human concerns, giving you an opportunity to learn powerful ways of turning challenging conversations into productive ones, be it professional or personal.

A recent addition to our curriculum includes a one-day programme on ‘Civility and Respect at Work’ which provides an introduction to the ‘Non-Violent Communication” model and explores aspects of social and emotional intelligence. You will learn how to practice compassion and empathy in emotionally charged conversations to become more effective in conflict prevention and resolution.

Another one-day programme, ‘Mediation: The Right Choice at the Right Time’ has been designed to provide concrete examples of:  the mediation process and how it works, how to prepare for mediation, and what to expect throughout the process. It will also help you to understand better your role as a party to mediation.

In addition, we have introduced a two-day conflict management training which is divided into four half-day sessions that can be taken either consecutively or at different times. It focuses on learning different mechanisms of conflict resolution and their application in a workplace context. One of the key objectives of the training is to help the staff in developing basic mediation competencies, and we highly recommended this training to those in a supervisory role.

We also have a one day training on Negotiation – Key Concepts and Techniques .

Finally we have an online conflict management training titled:  Managing Conflict Effectively in the UN Workplace.  Innovative and unique (soon available also in French and Spanish) it explains in an interactive way how we all can prevent and manage conflicts more effectively, and which resources staff and management can access in addition to those of the Office of the Ombudsman.