Boletines del Ombudsman

Cada uno de nuestros boletines se centra en un tema pertinente de los servicios del Ombudsman en relación con controversias e inquietudes laborales. Los boletines del Ombudsman lo acercan a la función y los principios del Ombudsman y le entregan valiosos consejos e ideas sobre cómo resolver conflictos en el lugar de trabajo.

#11 Ombudsletter: When will I receive my Pension Benefit?

Since 2014 , the Office of the Ombudsman has received a number of cases from the former staff members who have retired from the organization but who have experienced difficulties in receiving their monthly pension benefits from the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF).  The number of such cases has increased significantly in 2015 and 2016.  These retirees approach the Ombudsman for assistance in communicating with the UNJSPF.

Recent retirees have had to wait a long time perhaps up to six months or more to receive the monthly benefit from UNJSPF.   It is a major cause of stress and anxiety and can create tremendous financial burdens, including the loss………………

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#10 Ombudsletter: Providing constructive feedback on staff member performance

“This remains a persistent problem and in many cases still seems to be neither timely nor thoughtful. Staff members still complain that they thought that they were doing a good job only to hear at the very end of the reporting period that the supervisor is dissatisfied. Feedback should not be a one-time event but something that happens regularly during an assignment.”

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#9 Ombudsletter: Receiving constructive feedback on staff member performance

In our interaction with colleagues at all levels, we have learned in the Office of the Ombudsman that how something is said is very often just as important as what is said. When people communicate in the workplace, either in written or oral form, the real issue can be clouded by contradictory signals. …

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#8 Ombudsletter: Emotions in the workplace – a no-no?

How can I control my emotions at work? How can I cope with my co-worker being emotional? These are questions which are frequently encountered when staff approach the Ombudsman. …

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#7 Ombudsletter : Between you and me – gossip and workplace conflict

Just as conflict is a part of our lives and unavoidable, so is gossip in the workplace. ‘’Between you and me’’ conversations might end up being between you and others resulting in misunderstanding and harmful gossip. …

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#6 Ombudsletter : ‘Sssh……..don’t go to the Ombudsman’

When should I contact the Ombudsman? This question often arises when people face conflict in the workplace, especially since parties involved in a dispute usually have various avenues open to assist them to find a resolution. …

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#5 Ombudsletter: Bullying and workplace aggression

The Office of the Ombudsman has listened to many visitors, often in tears, who come to tell their stories after a long period of suffering. …

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#4 Ombudsletter: My door is always open

During a vibrant and highly interactive session on the subject of mediation and workplace conflicts in a small conference room in the secretariat building, a colleague shared her experience with the group. …

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#3 Ombudsletter : Ombuds confidentiality applies both ways

During one of the meetings in which UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Ombudspersons discuss various issues that are brought to their attention, a colleague points out that a message sent to a staff member on the understanding that it was a confidential communication was copied and circulated to several other people. …

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#2 Ombudsletter: Consulting an Ombudsperson with the right expectations

One knows, in principle, that an Ombudsperson is an independent, confidential, objective and neutral person who works to resolve conflicts in an informal way, avoiding litigation. In reality, what is often expected of the Office of the Ombudsperson goes well beyond its mandate. …

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#1 Ombudsletter: Talking to an Ombudsperson: a priceless occasion

Contacting an Ombudsperson may not be an easy decision. Many questions may come to the staff member’s mind: Can’t I really resolve this issue by myself? Has it really come to this? …

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