Services Provided

Providing information An Ombudsman can assist with collecting all information needed to obtain clarification about an issue; therefore, she/he helps you to conduct a well elaborated next action or decision. Moreover, she/he advises about the formal justice system and other regular channels.
Access policies and procedures She/he provides information to questions regarding policies and procedures.
Identifying and evaluation of options The Ombudsman helps to clarify and analyze interests, goals and options. She/he can assist to weigh options and to discuss further steps of the visitor.
Reference to appropriate focal point The Staff Association, Staff Counselor’s Office, the Ethics Office or the Office of Staff Legal Assistance could be other resources open to assist you with your requests.
Facilitation of discussions and negotiations The Ombudsman can facilitate the solution of problems and disputes by applying her/his skills, knowledge and experiences from the field of ‘alternative conflict resolution’, such as active listening, shuttle diplomacy, mediation or conciliation. Both parties need to agree on this informal procedure.
Mediation The parties to a conflict need to agree voluntarily to participate in this informal and confidential process. The neutral mediator assists in developing flexible and creative options and agreeable solutions to a workplace issue or concern. However, the parties to the conflict always remain in control of the content and the pace, as well as the ending of the process.
Coaching The Ombudsman takes the visitor’s goals and needs into account in order to assure an individual coaching. Empowering competencies and abilities of a visitor can foster her/his future behavior at the workplace and supports the resolution, prevention and minimization of disputes and concerns.
Relationship building An Ombudsman can assist to strengthen or rebuild working relationships, which increases trust at the work place.
Possible active involvement If clearly requested by the visitor, an Ombudsman can become active and approach individuals within the organization in order to resolve a workplace problem or concern confidentially. A fair and respectful treatment is determinant to this involvement.