Martin Karaffa

Intercultural Communications Training Consultant

Martin joined the Office of the Ombudsman in 2021.  His remit is to build team skills in intercultural communications, and raise awareness of goodpractice in the management of cross cultural teams and organizations.

A holder of both United States and Australian nationalities, Marty  graduated in Linguistics from the University of Adelaide.  Using his training in the social sciences he became a commercial communications strategist for global organizations.  Working for the J.Walter Thompson Company in Melbourne, he consulted to the state government of Victoria when he led their Communications Best Practice initiative.  He also consulted to the IDP, Australia’s organization to promote and develop international student communities.

In 2000, he was posted to Tokyo where he led the communications strategy function for global brands and organizations operating in Japan.  Thereafter, the Thompson company posted him to New York where he led communications strategy for clients working in consumer health.  Since 2007, he has lived in Munich, where he worked for BBDO Worldwide, advising on cultural and management strategy for global companies, and moderating cross-cultural workshops.

In 2019, Marty set up his own independent consultancy in cultural strategy.  He has been certified by Hofstede Insights in Intercultural Management, and brings expertise in numerous cultural models into his work with the Office of the Ombudsman.  His personal passion for both semiotics and  data-driven cultural analysis informs his work for the office, and revels in the richness and diversity of the Ombudsman team.