Gabriela Assmar (Brazil)

Gabriela Assmar is a mediator based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has over 20 years of mediation experience and is also a lawyer and systemic constellator, with a master course from New York University, an MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral (the Brazilian correspondent of Kellogg University), and a mediation degree from Kürt Bosh University. Gabriela was first trained in mediation at the Harlem Justice Center (NY, US) where she served as mediator in 2000. She is certified by the International Ombudsman Association.

She was a pioneer and helped craft the mediation market in Brazil. She was a co-author of the Brazilian Mediation Law and served as a mediator in corporate, family, criminal, and community conflicts with the Rio de Janeiro Court System and in private practice. She supervised court-annexed mediations in Rio de Janeiro since 2007. She is a mediation speaker and trainer at numerous universities and other public and private entities throughout Brazil and abroad. She was one of the founders of the Mediation Commission at the State Bar, for which she was awarded the Innovare Award 2009 by the Supreme Court. Gabriela is also a member of the CONIMA (National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Entities) auditing committee and in 2011, was a Weinstein Fellow at JAMS. She founded the Brazilian Center for Partners Global, ProAcordo – Mediation of Commercial Disputes and Via Concórdia, an incubator of mediators and constellators. Gabriela has also worked as outside counsel in prestigious Brazilian and New York law firms, as General Counsel, Public Affairs director, and Ombudsman domestically and internationally.

Gabriela speaks Portuguese (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), and French (proficient).