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“What is your understanding of an Ombudsman?”

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…is one question we asked colleagues in New York. Watch the video to learn about their knowledge of and experience with the Ombudsman services.

Webinar – Understanding the formal and informal mechanisms to resolve workplace disputes in UNDP – 29th June, 2017

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Panelists:  Alayne Frankson-Wallace, Ombudsman, Linda Taylor – Executive Director, Office of the Administration of Justice (AOJ), United Nations, Robert Nadelson – Senior Legal Advisor, UNDP, Lori Lee – Investigations Advisor, UNDP, Katya Melluish – Chief, Office of Staff Legal Assistance (OSLA), Peter Liria, Director, Ethics Office, UNDP, Diego Ruiz – Deputy Director, Office of Human RESOURCES (OHR), UNDP

Watch this video about the way we work!


Interview with James Lee: Pioneers of Organizational Ombudsmanry in International Agencies (2014, pp. 95-97).

English (PDF)

Interview with Mame Diagne & Helmut Buss: “Step into our office” – ombudspersons explain their role (2012)

English (PDF)

Interview with James Lee: Don’t shoot the messenger! A conversation with the Ombudsperson (2005)

English (PDF)

Interview with James Lee: Feel You’ve Been Unfairly Treated. Call the Office of the Ombudsperson (2004)               xxxx

English (PDF)

Interview with James Lee: James Lee, Ombudsman, shares tips (2004)                                                                  xxxx

English (PDF)

Interview with James Lee: The 2nd Annual Report of the Ombudsperson (2004)                                        xxxx

English (PDF)